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All lot photos shown are of actual lots taken in October, 2008.

About Catawba Falls
Catawba Falls is located 20 minutes from Asheville, NC and borders the 500,000 acre Pisgah National Forrest. At almost 3,000 ft, summers are cool where the average highs in August are in the 70?s and winters are mild with average February highs in the 50?s.

Hiking, hunting and fishing are abundant in this area. The upper sections of the Catawba River offer some of the finest native brook trout fishing in the Southeast. There are tremendous big game hunting opportunities for whitetail deer, black bear and wild turkey and small game such as squirrels, ruffed grouse and rabbits. There are numerous hiking trails to choose from including a trail to the majestic Upper and Lower Catawba Falls. If you enjoy cool summers and nature at its best then Catawba Falls is perfect for your permanent or vacation home.

Catawba Falls
The Catawba Falls are only a short distance from our lots.

Undocumented "upper upper" falls
are a short walk away!

Lots are only 300 yards from
the upper Catawba Falls!

The lower Catawba Falls are also
within walking distance.

Where is Catawba Falls located?

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Available Lots We have four lots available: #196, #208/209 and #211.

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